There’s a street in my home town called Cluntergate. One of my mum’s elderly neighbours calls it Clutterbuck. This I find funny. My Clutterbuck is a place where I plan to stow all my cultural clutter. Sort of like a scrapbook. So that’s that explained.

The idea is that I’ll commit about an hour a day, every day, to a short feature on something that’s caught my eye that day. More often than not, it’ll be something out of a book, but it might be a piece of music, or a clip from a film, or a cartoon, or some food or some sport or some sort astronomical phenomenon or something. Who knows. We’ll see.

You can get a general idea of the sort of direction this thing might take by checking out my other blog, Wild Ink. And you can find out more about what I do at my professional website.

Thanks for visiting, anyway.


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