The twenty-second of September, 2011: bahhh ba-da-ba bah, ba ba ba

On hearing the news that my youth, such as it was, is over, I immediately thought: do I really want to be one of the several million people on earth who are at this very moment posting REM videos from Youtube to their poorly-attended WordPress blogs?

Not long after that, I thought: yes, yes I do.

What to choose, what to choose? I don’t want to be too mawkish. I do want to offer a reminder that REM were the best band ever to have existed (this is not just my ‘opinion’, it is a fact). I don’t want to be a oh-I-picked-up-this-insanely-good-bootleg-from-aweirdlittle-record-store-in-Dortmund completist snob.

So here’s something nice. Not obscure, because it was on MTV, for god’s sake – but it’s a bit different, and  just obscure enough that you might not have heard it, or, at least, might not have heard it in ages, in which case it might just make your day.

Then there’s this, which is just too mighty to be resisted.

I wanted to add something from Up (1998), because I think it’s great and an insufficient number of people agree with me (I think I was perhaps excessively swayed by Michael Stipe’s pronouncement on its release that “If another band had released this record, people would be out in the streets, screaming, naked” – I remember thinking at the time, why do they have to be naked?).

But instead I’ll post this, because I’m soppy.

Sorry it’s got a man’s arse in it. It isn’t Michael Stipe’s. I know that because in 1994 Naked City told me so.  Oh, the memories.


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