The twenty-third of May, 2011: I Prefer To Yodel

All I have to offer today is a short quote from Woody Allen’s ‘Lovborg’s Women Considered’ (from The New Yorker, collected in Without Feathers (1975)):

Perhaps no writer has created more fascinating and complex females than the great Scandinavian playwright Jorgen Lovborg, known to his contemporaries as Jorgen Lovborg. Tortured and embittered by his agonizing relationships with the opposite sex, he gave the world such diverse and unforgettable characters as Jenny Angstrom in ‘Geese Aplenty’ and Mrs Spearing in ‘A Mother’s Gums’.

Born in Stockholm in 1836, Lovborg (originally Lövborg, until in later years he removed the two dots above the O and placed them over his eyebrows) began writing plays at the age of fourteen. His first produced work, brought to the stage when he was sixty-one, was ‘Those Who Squirm’, which drew mixed notices from the critics, although the frankness of the subject matter (cheese fondling) caused conservative audiences to blush.

That whole piece makes me feel much better about not really being able to take literary theatre entirely seriously.


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