The nineteenth of May, 2011: parading my serenading

I was just fixing a Martini and polishing my spats when I found myself whistling a happy tune. This was it:

I chose this version – that’s Ethel Merman and Frank Sinatra – because I think the song requires the optimum possible amount of visual clowning. But then how can I neglect this version, with Ginny Simms and Cary Grant (portraying Cole Porter in the biopic Night And Day (Michael Curtiz, 1946)?

And then there’s this: Ella Fitzgerald’s solo version, which has no clowning and lasts around seven hours but does have all the lyrics:

All of these versions are brilliant. Though I think I still prefer the interpretation performed irregularly by my brother and his girlfriend at around 3am in the kitchen of their Archway flat.

The song is, of course, ‘You’re The Top!’ from the Cole Porter musical Anything Goes (1934).


2 responses to “The nineteenth of May, 2011: parading my serenading

  1. I think the most succinct, and the most insightful, summary of this great song comes, impossibly, from Wikipedia:

    “It is about a man and a woman who take turns complimenting each other.”

  2. Doubtless you can look forward to another top notch (if slightly slurred) performance this weekend.

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