The twentieth of April, 2011: Rumsey Marvin and brown hens

Eggs! Who will sing their epic?

So wrote the novelist John Dos Passos in a letter to his friend Rumsey Marvin, back in the mid-nineteen-teens. It’s a quote I was sad to have to leave out of my undergraduate dissertation on ‘Dos’ (John Dos Passos and Urban America 1895-1929, if you’re wondering), so I thought I’d find it a home here on Clutterbuck.

Eggs (“the astonishing and unintentional gift from birds to human beings” – Alan Davidson) have been much on my mind of late. Or, rather, they’ve been much on my plate of late. The eggs from Swillington Organic Farm are eggs as eggs ought to be: corundum-shelled, eye-wateringly big, shit-smeared and delicious.

I also find it delightful that brown hens lay brown eggs and white hens lay white eggs.


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