The eighteenth of April, 2011: coffee that drinks fog, and a jittery funk

I’ve always had a fairly comfortable relationship with caffeine. Generally I can ship some litres of it without descending into any sort of jittery funk. However, Cape Verdean coffee causes the top of my head to dislodge like a frisbee and hover in space like a flying saucer (© Woody Allen).

It isn’t really right to consume a beverage the merest whiff of which provokes an instinctual fight-or-flight response. But here’s a little information anyway.

The best [Cape Verdean] coffee, grown at about 900 meters, seems to survive by condensation of fog from the trade winds, as it is neither shaded nor irrigated.

Thanks, That’s sort of nice. I like the idea of drinking coffee from such a weird ecological niche.  Coffee that drinks fog! I like this even more:

The beans are planted in the crater of the island’s volcano by coffee farmers digging pits amongst the little black pieces of basaltic rock known as lapilli and planting a vine in each, so that at night the moisture condenses on the rock and dribbles into the holes.

Only the smallest, highest part of Fogo is able to grow this coffee. Being naturally grown in the highest altitude of a rich, fertile volcanic soil, this coffee possess a reviving intensity and fervent heat which gives the bean an explosive flavor and unmistakable aroma.

That’s from the Cape Verde coffee people themselves.

‘Reviving intensity’ isn’t the half of it. Two cups of this and I’m as twitchy as Vincent Gallo.


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