The third of March, 2011: Bernard Cribbins, and a massive media onslaught

It’s World Book Day. I’m not sure what that means. Am I supposed to be doing something? Hope not. In any case, World Book Day doesn’t seem to have reached Leeds (oh, except for the isolated enclave of St Mary’s Primary School in Horsforth, where Keith Charters will be hosting a literary event – good on him).

World Book Day seems to be mostly about doling out £1 book tokens to kids, which is surely a good thing. It’s also about gathering depressing statistics, such as: 12.7 per cent of teenage boys never read books at all.

Anyway, Bernard Cribbins is involved, so it must be a worthy cause. There are loads of World Book Day story-telling videos available here. All of them make me miss Jackanory.

(Speaking of storytelling, it’d be remiss of me not to link once more to the brilliant Liars’ League, and, specifically, this, this and this (declaration of interest: I wrote the last one)).

Tomorrow night is World Book Night. You’d think that World Book Night would immediately follow World Book Day, but it doesn’t. Apparently World Book Night will be “the focus of a massive media onslaught”, which sounds quite frightening.

I’d like to be positive about World Book Day, and I am, really – but I don’t think the people behind it have done a great job of talking it up.

I did like this, though.

It’s by Lane Smith. There’re more of his great drawings here (including illustrations for James And The Giant Peach, a book with an uncanny knack for worming its way into Clutterbucks).


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