The thirty-first of January, 2011: Lehrer, Lego and the Pope on a glum Monday

Today is very cold and rather glum. So here are some things of musical happiness.

One: song by the sempiternally brilliant Flanders and Swann, animation by Rick W-P. Fun fact: Friday the twenty-eighth of January marked the 53rd anniversary of the day on which Lego was patented.

Two: some cheerful papal irreverence! The first is mild and is by Tom Lehrer (EDIT, ten minutes later: have decided that I can’t make do with only a single Lehrer, so here’s another – call it 1(b)). The second is by Tim Minchin and is richly offensive. I was going to wait till Pope Benedict’s birthday to link to these, but I lost patience.

Three: Bo Burnham. I have no words for this.

Everybody should now feel better about his or her Monday. You’re welcome.


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