The twenty-fourth of December, 2010: contented pigs, and wine for breakfast

“Extraordinarily good bacon, this, Jeeves.”

“Home-cured, I understand, sir.”

“And made, no doubt, from contented pigs.”

So speaks Bertie Wooster to his gentlemen’s personal gentleman in Chapter 8 of PG Wodehouse’s The Mating Season (1949). Bertie is staying at King’s Deverill in Hampshire, so I don’t suppose the cook sourced his home-cured bacon from Swillington Organic Farm in Leeds, but we, unwilling this Christmas Eve to tolerate bacon from discontented pigs in our morning butties, certainly did. I don’t know that I’ve ever eaten a better butty.

Swillington Farm’s bacon and pork all comes from free-range Saddleback pigs:

“Saddleback pork has distinctive qualities; it is succulent, flavoursome and with crackling to die for. Compared with ultra-lean supermarket pork it offers a much meatier and fuller taste due to the extra fat of the breed. The fat is necessary to baste the meat while it cooks to give flavour and succulence naturally produced pork has also been shown to carry health-benefiting Omega-3 fatty acids.”

So, general thanks, hosannas and regards-of-the-season to the good farmers and butchers (and, of course, Saddlebacks) of Swillington. However, I wish I’d read this before I tucked into my bacon. I just had a cuppa with it. Beaujolais for breakfast never occurred to me.


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