The twenty-third of December, 2010: the Little Master

Sachin Tendulkar scored his fiftieth Test Match hundred this month. BLOODY HELL. To put that in perspective, Jack Hobbs (“the Master”) scored 15; Don Bradman got 29; Geoff Boycott got 22; Viv Richards  got 24; Brian Lara got 34.

Here’s a nice tribute to the Greatest Indian of our Time

…a title that puts world chess champion Vishy Anand, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and tech millionaire Kanwal Rekhi firmly in their places. Not that I’m arguing.

Incidentally, I remember once seeing a small ad for a house for sale that concluded “might suit Indian cricket fan”. Why? Because the address was 10, Dulkar Avenue. I wonder if anyone was sufficiently Sachin-mad to put in an offer on those grounds alone.

What’s that you say? It’s the twenty-third of December, and nothing in this post is remotely Christmassy, the post being, instead, a fleeting and superficial overview of cricket statistics and Indian culture, and what’s Christmassy about that, eh, EH?

To which I say: good point. Perhaps this will help.

Merry Christmas!





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