The eighteenth of November, 2010: Christ on a bike, and Portland nerd collective

Danny MacAskill just does ridiculous things on a trials bike. But that alone wouldn’t land him the coveted Thursday morning Clutterbuck spot. The thing is that the ridiculous things he does are also beautifully filmed and soundtracked by someone with an excellent music collection and, possibly, clinical depression.

This is his latest short film.

I know.  Bloody hell!

The first song in the film is Wax and Wire by Portland nerd collective Loch Lomond. I like them. I’m a sucker for any band that incorporates “all manner of exclamatory percussion minutia”, even one that can’t spell ‘minutiae’.

I can’t write the words ‘Portland nerd collective’ without going on to slaver over The Decemberists a little bit (I’d slaver over their Portland indie-nerd bedfellows The Shins and Modest Mouse too if I had time but I haven’t; at least I’ve mentioned them, though, which will surely help their careers and also (quite incidentally) my blog hit-rate).

This is my favourite Decemberists song. Like you care.

There are loads of covers of this song on YouTube, by the way, and some of them are pretty good – e.g. this and this.

Back to bike Jesus Danny MacAskill and his musical appurtenances. He was in the video for the Doves single Winter Hill, a song that I’m not much fond of but oh well. The point is, the song’s about Winter Hill in the west Pennines near Bolton, a place that I am much fond of, and about which I once wrote this.


3 responses to “The eighteenth of November, 2010: Christ on a bike, and Portland nerd collective

  1. The stuff you can do with CGU in action films these days, eh?

    Love Skye, though. You can’t make that up. Give us a drop of Laphroaig, please Ringo.

  2. CGI, even.

    And your cyclist needs a stiff one as much as I do.

  3. Laphroaig, on Skye, Offside? Sacrilege. Skye is all about this stuff. Founded, in fact, by a brace of MacAskills – related, no doubt, at some point, to Danny of the bike.

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